Hollywood Movie Gone Baby Gone Plot Summary Reviews Actors Quotes 2007


Hollywood Movie Gone Baby Gone(2007)

Gone Baby Gone is an American Thriller film which was released in year 2007.This movie is directed by Ben Affleck. . It was the final film to be released byThe Ladd Company before its closure. In thia fil the two  actors casey Afffleack and Michelle Monaghan are playing role as private investigators. These where finding girl who was abducted from single mother appartment in the Boston neighborhood of dorchester.

Hollywood Movie Gone Baby Gone Actors

 Matthew Maher, Jill Quigg, Sean Malone, Brian Scannell, Jay Giannone, William Lee, William Marlowe, Daniel DeMiller Jr., Kenneth Butler Jr., Stephen Curran, Michael T. Blythe, Bob J. Leary, Mike Pusateri,

“He lied to me. Now I can’t think of one reason big enough for him to lie about that’s small enough not to matter.”
CASEY AFFLECK – Patrick Kenzie

“Where I come from, you die with your secrets.”
ED HARRIS – Remy Brestsan

“My only child was murdered. She was twelve. Did you hear about it? What you probably didn’t hear, and what I hope you never have to deal with, Miss Gennaro, is what that feels like. What I have to deal with. Knowing that my little girl likely died crying out for me to come and save her. And I never did.”

“- Patrick Kenzie: My priest says shame is God telling you what you did was wrong.
– Remy Bressant: Fuck him.
– Patrick Kenzie: Murder’s a sin.
– Remy Bressant: Depends on who you do it to.”
CASEY AFFLECK – Patrick Kenzie
ED HARRIS – Remy Bressant

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“She was gone. We gave our statements. Nick and Remy the same. All of us spared any blame for Amanda’s death. Jack Doyle resigned on the condition that he and he alone be held accountable. He was granted the dignity of early retirement, but the humiliation of half a pension. It was an ignominious end to an illustrious career.”
CASEY AFFLECK – Patrick Kenzie

“I always believed it was the things you don’t choose that makes you who you are. Your city, your neighborhood, your family. People here take pride in these things, like it was something they’d accomplished.”
CASEY AFFLECK – Patrick Kenzie

“I lived on this block my whole life; most of these people have. When your job is to find people who are missing, it helps to know where they started. I find the people who started in the cracks and then fell through. This city can be hard.”
CASEY AFFLECK – Patrick Kenzie

– Remy Bressant: How well do you know “Cheese” Jean Baptiste?
– Helene McCready: Who?
– Nick Poole: Come on, sweetheart. “Cheese” Jean Baptiste.
– Helene McCready: Oh, sounds familiar.
– Remy Bressant: No. It don’t “sound familiar”, Helene. He’s a violent sociopathic Haitain criminal named Cheese. Either you know him or you don’t.
ED HARRIS – Remy Bressant
AMY RYAN – Helene McCready
JOHN ASHTON – Nick Poole



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