Dabbing has all sorts of meanings depending on the content. It’s a highly popular dance move, a way for athletes to show off on the field, and also related to marijuana culture. In this article, we’ll discuss dabbing in the context of marijuana use, looking at what it means and why it’s becoming so popular for people who use marijuana. 

What is Dabbing? 

Normally, marijuana is consumed either by smoking the leaves or chopping up leaves to put in baked goods. What is dabbing? It’s a highly concentrated THC extract that is inhaled instead. It is different from inhaling the smoke from a joint. You can expect the THC content in normal marijuana to be around 12% or so. But in dabs, the THC is much higher. In fact, the purity of the THC concentrate can be up to 80% or so. 

Why Do People Like Dabbing?

This highly concentrated form of marijuana is desirable for many reasons. What is dabbing? It’s when people take a hit of marijuana concentrate through a bong or other pipe device. The high they get from dabbing is much more potent because of the higher THC levels. People often enjoy the sudden rush they get, and it can be a longer-lasting high as well. 

Another reason people like dabbing is that they can create their own extracts using butane and specialized equipment to extract the higher levels of THC from the marijuana plant. While it’s easier to buy it, some people like the process. 

There are also different kinds of cannabis concentrates available for dabbing. Some common names include butane hash oil (BHO), shatter, wax, and crumble. These words describe the final product. Each one has unique properties that can impact the flavor and how quickly it gets heated to inhale. 

Main Risks of Dabbing

Because dabbing involves marijuana, most people think that it sounds pretty harmless at face value. What is dabbing, really, though? Dabbing is a risky drug because of the way it’s processed because it can lead to addiction, and because high concentrations of THC can mess with your brain and behavior. 

Inhaling butane is one of the risks of dabbing. When the concentrates are made, the goal is for all of the butane to evaporate. In a perfect world, this would be the case, but in reality, people who dab are likely to expose their lungs to butane when they use it. 

The potency of dabs can also be an issue. While smoking a joint with 12% THC is going to cause a normal high, jumping to a dab can be extreme on the body. For some, this can lead to a psychotic break or an episode of hallucinations. The high levels of THC in the brain over time can even lead to a true addiction that requires drug rehab to break free from. 


The term dabbing refers to a particular form of marijuana concentrate, usually in the form of butane hash oil. This product is consumed through inhalation, either through a bong or other device. Because marijuana is legal in many states, there are not any laws specifically related to regulating dabbing, even though it comes with risks that regular marijuana use does not have.