Vaporesso Aurora Play Review

Vaporesso released the Aurora Play and Original Aurora pod systems in 2016, and these new devices address some of the issues associated with their predecessors. While the Original Aurora pod system is a great device, the Aurora Play is better. Its design is retro and features a built-in drip tip cover, and it also contains an Omni-mini chipset and is designed to be easy to use.

Vaporesso Aurora

The Vaporesso Aurora Play is all-in-one, and it doesn’t need a separate tank or mod to vape. The Pod System features replaceable pods that are inserted into the 510 threads. The Pods are built right into the device’s body, making them easy to change. The vaping device is pocket-friendly, and it comes with a refillable pod. It works best with nic salt and VG juice, and there’s also an adjustable resistance feature to control the amount of resistance you feel.

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The Aurora Play looks very similar to a Zippo lighter, but it’s more elegant. Its rounded edges make it comfortable to hold and give it a premium feel. It supports both nicotine salts and e-liquid and uses a freebase ceramic coil. It’s also available in various colors, including a metallic grey finish. The top fill feature is another nice touch, and the Push-To-Fill mechanism makes refilling the Pod easy.

The Aurora Play is easy to refill. The two-ml Pod holds about 200ml of eliquid, and its viewing window makes it very easy to fill. The fill port is located at the top of the device, and the dripper fits right into the nozzle. There’s no mess, and the Aurora Play is very easy to clean. It’s also compatible with all kinds of batteries, so it’s a good choice for a new vaper.

The Aurora Play is also an easy device to refill. The refill kit comes with a 10ml filling bottle filled with e-liquid. The spring-loaded valve on top of the machine fills the reservoir when you press the top. When done with the refilling, simply push down the top button to turn off the device, and the spring-loaded valve fills the reservoir.

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The patented CCELL coils are a great addition to the Aurora Play. It’s easy to replace the disposable pods, and the new magnetic system makes refilling simple. The Aurora Play is compatible with various juices, including nic salt vaping. There are no drawbacks with the device, and it can be used for long periods. The battery is also removable, and it features an easy-to-clean 510-style tip.

The Vaporesso Aurora Play pod kit is an improved version of the original Aurora pod system. It is made of zinc alloy and provides consistent flavor, but it’s still a very well-built device. The new model is unique in its design, with a lightweight lighter-like frame and a lever on the lid. The vapor is very satisfying, and the wick is made of silicone, making it an ideal e-liquid starter kit.

The newest Aurora Play pods have a slim profile compared to its predecessor, and it has a flip-back top and is lighter than the original, though it’s still more significant than the original. The 510-compatible cartridges can be interchanged with the atomizer, and it is possible to use two different types of e-liquids with the device. It also supports a variety of e-liquids and has a dual-sided battery for easy refilling.

The Aurora Play has a smooth mouthpiece and is an air-activated device. The CCell coil is 1.3 ohms and compatible with many other Vaporesso devices. The CCELL coil is a 1.4ohm resistance coil that works well with most devices. The CCell has a rounded shape and is suitable for MTL vapers.

The Vaporesso Aurora Play Pod System is built with durable zinc alloy and a brushed bronze finish. It offers a variety of power outputs and has no Eliquid spit back issues. The 650mAh battery is quite impressive, and it supports pass-through charging and can be charged from 0 to complete in 45 minutes. It has a smooth and ergonomic design. The UI is intuitive, and the vaporesso Aurora Play is easy to navigate.

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