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Richard Shepard directed and wrote Oxygen in 1999. Madeline Foster, a troubled cop follows a kidnapper calling himself Harry Houdini. Filmed in New York City, the film was shot entirely on location.

Two men kidnap the wife and husband of a wealthy man and then bury her in an oxygen-filled box. The NYPD Detective Maddy and other officers can solve the case. Will they be able to get her there in time?



“Harry Houdini” has abducted and buried alive a wealthy businessman’s wife. In return for her location, he demands $1 million cash from the husband. He states that he will make sure she is not found alive if police involvement is initiated. Police involvement is commenced, and Detective Madeline Foster  is tasked with finding Houdini and catching him.


However, it quickly becomes apparent that Houdini wanted the police involved to commit another kidnapping, that of Foster. Houdini’s capture is the result of a car chase that involved him and Detective Foster. She attempts to get him the location of the buried victim. Foster’s first interrogation of Houdini fails, and the FBI is assigned to the case. However, they don’t have much luck. It is discovered that Houdini had already been convicted of murder by his accomplice. Houdini now has nothing to lose, and the police realize that the death of the buried lady would not be as important as the first.


Oxygen Movie 1999 all actors – James Naughton, Laila Robins, Maura Tierney, Adrien Brody,Terry Kinney, Paul Calderon, Dylan Baker, Olek Krupa, Frankie Faison, Slavko Stimac, Michael Henderson, Robert Shepard



Oxygen Movie Quotes


“- Harry: You and I like a little pleasure with our pain.
– Madeline Foster: I am not like you.”
MAURA TIERNEY – Madeline Foster

“That was a dumb monolouge.”
after the federal agent finishes a long speech about lethal injection



“- Madeline Foster: My father only liked to see me when I was perfect.
– Jessie: Who the hell is perfect?
– Madeline Foster: Exactly.”


“- Harry: Could you do me a favor? Would y’get in the car?
– Frances Hannon: What?
– Harry: Car. Get in the car. Frances… look at this. Now will you get in the car? Get in the car!”
threatening Frances with a gun

LAILA ROBINS – Frances Hannon