Hollywood Movie Twisted Plot Summary Reviews Actors Quotes 2004


Hollywood Movie Twisted (2004)


Hollywood Movie Twisted Actors

 Bruce Marovich, Danny Lopez, Lyn Tomioka, Leslie Kaye, Angela Tse, Ofri Fuchs, Angelo Miller, Peter Ridet, Garrett Townsend, Victor Vallejo, Carola Zertuche, Ian Baptiste, Christopher Behrens, Chandler Bolt, Geoff Callan, Veronica Cartwright, Cabran E. Chamberlain, Baldwin Chiu, Brian Danker, David Hern, Mark A. Neely, Jon Read, Brian Sampson, Christabel Savalas, Tony R. Vella, James D. Weston II, Sherrie La’Marr Wheeler,Ashley Judd, Samuel L. Jackson, Andy Garcia, David Strathairn, Russell Wong, Camryn Manheim, Mark Pellegrino, Titus Welliver, D.W. Moffett, Richard T. Jones, Leland Orser, James Oliver Bullock, William Hall, Joe Duer, Jim Hechim, Drew Letchworth, Diane Amos, Anni Long, David Tenenbaum, Leonard L. Thomas, Joe Drago.

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Hollywood Movie Twisted Quotes

“We all have the capacity to kill! You… Me… Anyone! The problem is control.”
LELAND ORSER – Edmund Cutler

“I can hear your heart beating. Sounds like you’ve got an animal in your chest, trying to get out. Sounds like blood. Sounds like flesh.”
talking to Jessica Shepard

LELAND ORSER – Edmund Cutler


“What kind of a moron tries to flush body parts down a toilet, especially when he’s got a perfectly good furnace out back?”


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