Hollywood Movie The Report Plot Summary Reviews Actors Quotes 2019

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Hollywood Movie The Report  2019


Hollywood Movie The Report Actors:

 Matthew Rhys, Kate Beahan, April Rogalski, James Hindman, Austin Michael Young, West Duchovny, Noah Bean, Dick Cheney, John Kerry, Rachel Maddow, John McCain, Barack Obama, Donald Rumsfeld, Genevieve Adams, Xan Aspero, Adison Eisenberg, Neil Fleischer, Christopher G Gates, Chris Ghaffari, Andrew Glaszek, Lauren S. Gordon, Jane May Graves, Rosemary Howard, Gregory Jones, Kevin D. McGee, CJ Parson, Leroy Phillips Jr., Vincent Tumeo, Adam Driver, Corey Stoll, Evander Duck Jr., Jon Hamm, Linda Powell, Annette Bening, Sandra Landers, John Rothman, Victor Slezak, Guy Boyd, Alexander Chaplin, Joanne Tucker, Maura Tierney, Michael C. Hall, Ian Blackman, Dominic Fumusa, Joseph Siravo, Sarah Goldberg, Lucas Dixon, Fajer Al-Kaisi, Zuhdi Boueri, Douglas Hodge, T. Ryder Smith, Carlos Gómez, Sean Dugan, Tim Blake Nelson, Pun Bandhu, Ben McKenzie, Jake Silbermann, Ratnesh Dubey, Ted Levine, Scott Shepherd, Julia Murney, Daniel London, Jennifer Morrison, Hope Blackstock

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Hollywood Movie The Report Quotes

“If it works, why do you need to do it 183 times?”
ANNETTE BENING – Senator Dianne Feinstein


“Ever wonder why history repeats itself?”
ANNETTE BENING – Senator Dianne Feinstein


“Paper has a way of getting people in trouble.”


“- Gretchen: You may not realize, but we were trying to protect this country from people who wanna destroy everything we believe in.
– Daniel Jones: You may not realize it, but we are trying to do the exact same thing.”
ADAM DRIVER – Daniel Jones


“- New York Times Reporter: If the Times had your report, we would print it, tomorrow.
– Daniel Jones: No. If it’s gonna come out, it’s gonna come out the right way.”
MATTHEW RHYS – New York Times Reporter
ADAM DRIVER – Daniel Jones

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