Hollywood Movie The Mercy (2018)


Hollywood Movie The Mercy Actors

Adrian Schiller, Sam Hoare, Laurence Spellman, Paul Thornley, Bruce Mackinnon, Simon Chandler, Martin Marquez, Oliver Maltman, Greg Hicks, Richard Braine, Alexia Traverse-Healy, Eleanor Stagg, Zara Prassinot, Richard Teverson, Mark Davison, Avye Leventis, Maynard Crowe, Robert Elphick, Geoff Bladon, Matthew Jones, Dilyana Bouklieva,Rachel Weisz, Colin Firth, Jonathan Bailey, David Thewlis, Mark Gatiss, Simon McBurney, Tim Downie, Anna Madeley, Kerry Godliman, Andrew Buchan, Genevieve Gaunt, Ken Stott, Sebastian Armesto, Finn Elliot, Kit Connor

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Hollywood Movie The Mercy Quots

“My children will still need a father, and I will still need a husband.”
talking to her husband Donald

RACHEL WEISZ – Clare Crowhurst

“Donald Crowhurst wanted to be famous. Now, he’s about to be.”
DAVID THEWLIS – Rodney Hallworth

– Ian: Alone on a boat for nine months? You’re either drunk or mad.
– Donald Crowhurst: Well, then we should have another drink immediately, so that we can rule out madness. As Chichester said, “any fool can circumnavigate the world sober, it takes a really good sailor to do it drunk.” Same again?
COLIN FIRTH – Donald Crowhurst

“- Rachel Crowhurst: Are there horses in the Horse Latitudes?
– Donald Crowhurst: No, sweetheart. Story has it that many years ago when the Spanish sailed to the West Indies they brought their horses with them, and sometimes they ran out of wind and then they ran out of fresh water as well.”
ELEANOR STAGG – Rachel Crowhurst
COLIN FIRTH – Donald Crowhurst

The only thing that I can imagine that would test a man more than sailing around the world in a boat alone, stopping only once, is not stopping at all. And “The Sunday Times” has asked me here today to announce just such a challenge. There will be a cashprize for the man who comes first, and a prize for the man who is fastest.
SIMON MCBURNEY – Sir Francis Chichester

“Because to only do what has been done before is to live one’s life in the shadow of other men.”
SIMON MCBURNEY – Sir Francis Chichester

“A man alone on a boat is more alone than any man alive.”
SIMON MCBURNEY – Sir Francis Chichester

“During his lifetime each man plays cosmic chess with the devil. It’s difficult to know who’s winning, because God plays with one set of rules, the devil plays with the other exactly opposite set of rules. But one thing is clear. The only real sin is the sin of concealment.”
COLIN FIRTH – Donald Crowhurst

“- Mr. Best: How far are you going today?
– Donald Crowhurst: Oh, just staying locally. Practising for a longer haul, though.
– Mr. Best: Really? Any place in particular?
– Donald Crowhurst: Round the world.”
KEN STOTT – Stanley Best
COLIN FIRTH – Donald Crowhurst