Hollywood Movie Snow Falling on Cedars (1999)


Hollywood Movie Snow Falling on Cedars Actors

Arthur Takemoto, Ken Takemoto, Larry Musser, Jamie Kang, Lili Marshall, Lisa Mena, Jethro Heysen-Hicks, Tom Heaton, Frank C. Turner, Marilyn Norry, Peter Crook, Ron Snyder, Mark Farrell, Jay Brazeau, Tom Scholte, Timothy Burd, Gareth Williams, Anthony Harrison, Adam Pospisil, John Brynelsen, , Sean Akira, Barry Brandt, Robert J. Burke Jr., Don ‘Tex’ Clark,Ethan Hawke, Yûki Kudô, Reeve Carney, Anne Suzuki, Rick Yune, Max von Sydow, James Rebhorn, James Cromwell, Richard Jenkins, Arija Bareikis, Eric Thal, Celia Weston, Daniel von Bargen, Akira Takayama, Ako, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Zak Orth, Max Wright, Sam Shepard, Caroline Kava, Jan Rubes, Sheila Moore, Zeljko Ivanek, Seiji Inouye, Saemi Nakamura, Mika Fujii, Dwight McFee, Bill Harper, Henry O, Myles Ferguson, Noah Heney, John Destry, A.

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Hollywood Movie Snow Falling on Cedars Quotes

“Accident rules every corner of the universe… except perhaps the chambers of the human heart.”
MAX VON SYDOW – Nels Gudmundsson


“I know you’ll think this is crazy, but all I want to do is hold you, and I think that if you’ll let me do that just for a few seconds, I can walk away, and never speak to you again.”
ETHAN HAWKE – Ishmael Chambers


“That’s the thing with girls. They grew up and break your heart.”
SAM SHEPARD – Arthur Chambers

“- Judge Fielding: That’s quite enough horseplay, Nels. Try and act your age.
– Nels Gudmundsson: I think if I did that, Your Honor, I’d be dead.”
JAMES CROMWELL – Judge Fielding
MAX VON SYDOW – Nels Gudmundsson


“It takes a rare thing, a turning point, to free oneself from any obsession. Be it prejudice or hate, or, even love.”
MAX VON SYDOW – Nels Gudmundsson