Hollywood Movie Rumor Has It(2005)


Hollywood Movie Rumor Has It Actors

 Leigh French, Charlotte Colavin, George Gerdes, Lyman Ward, Jordan Lund, John E. Byrd, Anne Bancroft, Kathy Bates, Joshua Bevier, Joan Blair, Colleen Camp, Michael Chen, Troy Christian, Curt Clendenin, Bill Clinton, Johnny Drocco, Michael Durrell, Robert Foreman, Barry Goldwater, George Hamilton, Harrison Held, Dustin Hoffman, Joshua Michael Kwiat, Roger Lim, Patricia Mizen, Sandra Plazinic, John Patrick Shulak, Erica Taylor, Erika Wakker, Sarah Westbrook, Brad Everett Young, Rachel Zeskind,Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Costner, Shirley MacLaine, Mark Ruffalo, Richard Jenkins, Christopher McDonald, Steve Sandvoss, Mena Suvari, Mike Vogel, Rob Lanza, Lisa Vachon, Trevor Stock, Jennifer Taylor, Marcia Ann Burrs, Lynn Wanlass, Mary Anne McGarry, Maree Cheatham, Gloria Grant, Gregory White, Jake Mailey, Frank Novak, Billy Kerr, Terrie Snell, Shannon Farnon, Jenny Wade, Erinn Bartlett, Allyson Bradford, Kate McClafferty, Googy Gress, Rolando Molina, Carmela Rappazzo, Erinn Hayes, Christopher Stapleton, George F. Regas, Jaime Ray Newman, Andy Milder, Gabriel Jarret, Clyde Kusatsu, John Sterling Carter, Mike Baldridge, Donna Cooper, Erin McDonald, Paul Ganus, Amos Levkovitch

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Hollywood Movie Rumor Has It Quotes

There’s an old saying: “Nobody comes from Los Angeles. Everybody comes to Los Angeles”. But if you do come from Los Angeles, then chances are you come from Pasadena.
RICHARD JENKINS – Earl Huttinger

“All women become like their mothers, that is their tragedy. No man does, that’s his.”
KATHY BATES – Aunt Mitsy

Life is short, but marriage is long, so drink up, and it will make it go a hell of a lot faster.”
SHIRLEY MACLAINE – Katharine Richelieu

“I’m not afraid of flying. I love flying. It’s crashing I hate. Hate crashing.”
JENNIFER ANISTON – Sarah Huttinger

“Come on in, I’ll put on a pot of Bourbon.”
SHIRLEY MACLAINE – Katharine Richelieu

“I didn’t come here to tell you that I can’t live without you. I can live without you. I just don’t want to.”
JENNIFER ANISTON – Sarah Huttinger

“Life has to be a little nuts sometimes. Otherwise it’s just a bunch of Thursdays strung together.”
KEVIN COSTNER – Beau Burroughs