Hollywood Movie Kill The Messenger(2014)


Hollywood Movie Kill The Messenger actors

Hajji Golightly, Ted Huckabee, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Lucas Hedges, Rosemarie DeWitt, Matt Lintz, Parker Douglas, Kai Schmoll, Jeremy Renner, Robert Patrick, Jena Sims, Robert Pralgo

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Hollywood Movie Kill The Messenger Quotes

“I thought my job was to tell the public the truth – the facts, pretty or not – and let the publishing of those facts make a difference in how people look at things. At themselves, at what they stand for. That’s shame on me. This is the only thing I ever wanted to do. And for a while, a long while, it was an honor.”
accepting an award


“You become attracted to the power, then you become addicted to the power, then you’re devoured by the power.”
talking to Gary Webb

RAY LIOTTA – John Cullen


“American kids did die and are still dying, just not the ones you care about apparently.”
talking to DEA Agent



“I know I pissed off a lot of people over the years, many of whom are in this room right now. But I think that’s what good investigative reporting does. It ruffles feathers.”
accepting an award



“I’m going to tell you the whole truth. I’m going to introduce you to people you should talk to and then you will be faced with the most important decision of your life: deciding whether to share it or not.”
ANDY GARCIA – Norwin Meneses