Hollywood Movie Jack Reacher Plot Summary Reviews Actors Quotes 2012


Hollywood Movie Jack Reacher(2012)

Jack Reacher is an American action thiriller fim which is released in year 2012.This fil is directed by Christopher McQuarrie.This movie is   based on Lee Child’s 2005 novel One Shot. In this movie Rosamund Pike play a basic role.This movie is enter in production in october 2011 and complete in january 2012.
The film was released in North America on December 21, 2012.  

Hollywood Movie Jack Reacher Actors

 Alexia Fast, Josh Helman, Robert Duvall, Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike, Richard Jenkins, David Oyelowo, Werner Herzog, Jai Courtney, Vladimir Sizov, Joseph Sikora, Michael Raymond-James.

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Hollywood Movie Jack Reacher Quotes

“Imagine you’ve spent your whole life in other parts of the world being told every day you’re defending freedom. And finally you decide you’ve had enough. Time to see what you’ve given up your whole life for. Maybe get some of that freedom for yourself.”
talking to Helen

TOM CRUISE – Jack Reacher

“There are four types of people who join the military. For some, it’s a family trade. Others are patriots, eager to serve. Next, you have those who just need a job. Then there’s the kind who want a legal means of killing other people.”
TOM CRUISE – Jack Reacher

“- Jack Reacher: What I mean is, the cheapest woman tends to be the one you pay for.
– Sandy: I am not a hooker!
– Jack Reacher: Well, a hooker would get the joke.”
TOM CRUISE – Jack Reacher

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“You think I’m a hero? I am not a hero. And if you’re smart, that scares you. Because I have nothing to lose.”
TOM CRUISE – Jack Reacher

“- Gary: I need to see something.
– Jack Reacher: How about the inside of an ambulance?”
TOM CRUISE – Jack Reacher

“I am not a hero. I’m a drifter with nothing to lose.”
TOM CRUISE – Jack Reacher

“- Jack Reacher: You’re old enough to drive?
– Sandy: I’m old enough to do a lot of things.”
TOM CRUISE – Jack Reacher

“- Jack Reacher: Pay your check first.
– Jeb: I’ll pay later.
– Jack Reacher: You won’t be able to.”
TOM CRUISE – Jack Reacher

“Look at the people. Now tell me which ones are free. Free from debt. Anxiety. Stress. Fear. Failure. Indignity. Betrayal. How many wish that they were born knowing what they know now? Ask yourself how many would do things the same way over again?”
talking to Helen

TOM CRUISE – Jack Reacher

“- Jack Reacher: Look out the window.
– Helen: No, I’ve work to do.
– Jack Reacher: Would you tell me what you see?
– Helen: I see the same… things I see every day.”
TOM CRUISE – Jack Reacher


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