Hollywood Movie Inside Man (2006)


Hollywood Movie Inside Man Actors

, Tiffany Adams, Kisha Batista, Robert Bizik, Cherise Boothe, John Borras, Rebecca Brillhart, Jay Charan, Stany Coppet, Ed Cuffe, Rue DeBona, Michael Den Dekker, Joanie Ellen, Edwin Freeman, Chuck Gerena, Rashaad Ernesto Green, Carla Greene, Turi Haim, James Hook, Enver Hoxha, Van Hughes, Matt Jade, Julie Jei, Russ Klein, Amanda Renee Knox, Steve Lord, Heather Male, Dominick Mancino, Francis Mateo, John B. Nelson Jr., James Donnell Quinn, Jamieson Rhyme, Michal Sinnott, Alexander Sovronsky, Brandhyze Stanley, Philippe Vonlanthen, Angel Wallace, Steven Weisz, Denzel Washington, Clive Owen, Jodie Foster, Christopher Plummer, Willem Dafoe, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Carlos Andrés Gómez, Kim Director, James Ransone, Bernie Rachelle, Peter Gerety, Victor Colicchio, Cassandra Freeman, Peter Frechette, Gerry Vichi, Waris Ahluwalia, Rafael Osorio, Rodney ‘Bear’ Jackson, Daryl Mitchell, Ashlie Atkinson, David Brown, Robert C. Kirk, Frank Stellato, Ken Leung, Marcia Jean Kurtz, Ed Onipede Blunt, Amir Ali Said, Lemon Andersen, Samantha Ivers, Peter Kybart, Jason Manuel Olazabal, Jeff Ward, Anthony Mangano, Michael Devine, Ed Bogdanowicz, Aaron Vexler, Anthony Borowiec, Joe Coots, Lionel Pina, Ken Ferrigni, Frank Hopf, Robert Testut, Craig M. Spitzer, Limary Agosto, Patrick Illig, Frank Composto, Rozanne Sher, Rachel Black, Gregory Dann, Ben Crowley, Shon Gables, Dominic Carter, Sandra Endo, Kandiss Edmundson, Al Palagonia, Florina Petcu, Agim Coma, John Speredakos, Baktash Zaher, Ernest Rayford, Vincent DiMartino, Julian Niccolini, Ed Crescimanni, Brad Leland

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Hollywood Movie Inside Man Quotes

“The sooner you stop being my problem and start being my solution the better off you’ll be.”
JODIE FOSTER – Madeleine White

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“Who ever heard of a bank robbersescaping on a plane with fifty hostages? You’ve seen Dog Day Afternoon! You’re stalling! Why? I don’t know.”
DENZEL WASHINGTON – Detective Keith Frazier

“Fact is, all lies, all evil deeds, they stink. You can cover them up for a while, but they don’t go away.”
CLIVE OWEN – Dalton Russell

“- Detective Keith Frazier: What do you think he’s going to do?
– Madeleiene White: Well, he’s not gonna kill anyone.
– Detective Keith Frazier: How do you know?
– Madeleiene White: Because he’s not a murderer.
– Detective Keith Frazier: How do you know? I got news for you. Most of the guys up in Sing Sing weren’t murderers until they killed…”
discussing Russell’s next move

DENZEL WASHINGTON – Detective Keith Frazier
JODIE FOSTER – Madeleine White

“- Keith Frazier: You got a card, in case I need to call you?
– Madeleiene White: Please don’t take this personally, but no. I don’t think you can afford me.
– Keith Frazier: Well, don’t take this personally, Miss White. Kiss my black ass, okay?
– Madeleiene White: Careful, Detective. My bite is much worse than my bark.”
DENZEL WASHINGTON – Detective Keith Frazier
JODIE FOSTER – Madeleine White

“- DetectiveBill Mitchell: You see, there’s just you and one other woman that fit the physical description of the female suspect.
– Stevie: What’s that?
– DetectiveBill Mitchell: It’s your height, your age, and… um…
– Detective Keith Frazier: Your cup size.
– Stevie: So, I violated section 34 Double-D? That’s what you’re telling me?”
CHIWETEL EJIOFOR – Detective Bill Mitchell
DENZEL WASHINGTON – Detective Keith Frazier

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“Sorry to interrupt you, Mister Mayor, but there’s an old American saying: When there’s blood on the streets, somebody’s gotta go to jail.”
DENZEL WASHINGTON – Detective Keith Frazier

“I’m no martyr. I did it for the money. But it’s not worth much if you can’t face yourself in the mirror. Respect is the ultimate currency. I was stealing from a man who traded his away for a few dollars.”
talking about the bank heist

CLIVE OWEN – Dalton Russell

“- Detective Keith Frazier: Oh, please, do not say proposals… my girlfriend… she wants a proposal from me.
– Dalton Russell: You think you’re too young to get married?
– Detective Keith Frazier: No, I’m not too young… too broke. Maybe I should rob a bank.
– Dalton Russell: Do you love each other?
– Detective Keith Frazier: Yeah, yeah, we…”
DENZEL WASHINGTON – Detective Keith Frazier
CLIVE OWEN – Dalton Russell

“The further you run from your sins, the more exhausted you are when they catch up to you.”
CLIVE OWEN – Dalton Russell

“I planned and set in motion events to execute the perfect bank robbery. That’s also the When. As for the Why: beyond the obvious financial motivation, it’s exceedingly simple… because I can.”
CLIVE OWEN – Dalton Russell