Hollywood Movie Honey Plot Summary Reviews Actors Quotes 2003


Hollywood Movie Honey (2003)


Hollywood Movie Honey actors


 Jessica Alba, Richard Fagon, Fonzworth Bentley, Alicia Bruce, Lyriq Bent, Alison Sealy-Smith, Dwayne Morgan, Judi Embden, Edney Hendrickson, Roy T. Anderson, Missy Elliott, Jadakiss, Sheek Louch, Shawn Fernandez, Ginuwine, Harmonica Sunbeam, Rodney Jerkins, Silkk, 3rd Storee., Tweety, , Shamari Fears, Natina Reed, Brandi Williams, Mekhi Phifer, Romeo Miller, Joy Bryant, David Moscow, Lonette McKee, Zachary Williams, Christian Monzon, Al Shearer, Jull Weber, Laurieann Gibson, O’Neal McNight, Kevin Duhaney, William Omar Tobar, Ivan ‘Flipz’ Velez, Jeremy Cedeno, Nicole Neal, Suga May, Damien Luvara, Shawn Newman, Sarah Francis, Anthony Sherwood, Lee Smart, Scott Neil, Wes Williams, Tracy Dawson, Marie Ward, Jordan Madley, Evans Johnson


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Hollwood Movie Honey Quotes

“There’s only one world, the real world, and in that world if a man takes a woman out on a friday night in her hooker heels and she can’t bring her homegirl, he tryin’ to get some booty.”

“I found something that I truly love, that truly makes me happy. That’s a million times better than something that makes you rich.”


“- Honey Daniels: Haven’t you seen my hip-hop class? They love it.
– Mrs. Daniels: But hip-hop can’t take you the places where ballet can.”
JESSICA ALBA – Honey Daniels
LONETTE MCKEE – Mrs. Daniels


“It was everything I always wanted. But when I had got it, it felt like nothing, less than nothing.”
after she achieved her dream as a dancer

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JESSICA ALBA – Honey Daniels


“- Honey Daniels: I want you to fire ’em. I want you to tell them why you’re not using ’em.
– Michael Ellis: What makes you think I care what you want?”
talking about the dancers for the music video

JESSICA ALBA – Honey Daniels
DAVID MOSCOW – Michael Ellis


“There’s people that good things happen to. And there’s people that good things don’t happen to. That’s just the way it goes.”

“- Honey Daniels: You know your lil homies that have always got your back?
– Benny: Yeah
– Honey Daniels: Have any of them come to visit you?”
in a juvenile detention centre

JESSICA ALBA – Honey Daniels


“- Gina: Sounds like somebody’s trying to dip their fingers in the Honey jar to me.
– Honey Daniels: Gina, he’s my boss.
– Gina: You say that like you never heard of Monica Lewinsky.”
JESSICA ALBA – Honey Daniels


“- Honey Daniels: I forgot. I’m supposed to see all the beautiful things in this world.
– Mrs. Daniels: There’s nothing wrong with my wanting that for you.
– Honey Daniels: No, but what about what I want?”
JESSICA ALBA – Honey Daniels
LONETTE MCKEE – Mrs. Daniels

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