Hollywood Movie Goin’ South(1978)


Hollywood Movie Goin’ South Actors

 Tracey Walter, Gerald H. Reynolds, Luana Anders, George W. Smith, Jack Nicholson, Mary Steenburgen, Christopher Lloyd, John Belushi, Veronica Cartwright, Richard Bradford, Jeff Morris, Danny DeVito.

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Hollywood Movie Goin’ South Quotes

“Poultry is just another way of saying chicken.”
JACK NICHOLSON – Henry Lloyd Moon

“I’ll never forget you, Hermione. You was the first woman I didn’t have to pay for.”
JACK NICHOLSON – Henry Lloyd Moon

“- Deputy Towfield: It’s bad, huh?
– Henry Lloyd Moon: Like eggs rolled in sand.”
talking about Moon’s marriage


CHRIS LLOYD – Deputy Towfield
JACK NICHOLSON – Henry Lloyd Moon


“You were the best I ever had… except maybe for that circus fella.”
VERONICA CARTWRIGHT – Hermine, Moon’s Old Gang


“- Henry Lloyd Moon: Well! Anybody hungry?
– Big Abe, Moon’s Old Gang: Hungry! Shit, I could eat a frozen dog.
– Henry Lloyd Moon: Well, we’ll go on out to the kitchen and see if we got one already froze.”
JACK NICHOLSON – Henry Lloyd Moon
JEFF MORRIS – Big Abe, Moon’s Old Gang


“- Sheriff Andrew Kyle: Julia, are you drunk?
– Julia Tate Moon: Sheriff Kyle, you know I don’t drink.”
RICHARD BRADFORD – Sheriff Andrew Kyle