Hollywood Movie Bamboozled(200)


Hollywood Movie Bamboozled Actors

Gillian White, Susan Batson, Yasiin Bey, M.C. Serch,Damon Wayans, Savion Glover, Jada Pinkett Smith, Tommy Davidson, Michael Rapaport, Thomas Jefferson Byrd, Paul Mooney, Sarah Jones

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Hollywood Movie Bamboozled Quotes

“Niggas is a beautiful thang.”

“Yes continue, great niggerologist.”
talking to Myrna Goldfarb

DAMON WAYANS – Pierre Delacroix

“You know, I grew up around black people my whole life. I mean, if the truth be told, I probably know niggas better than you. And don’t go getting offended by my use of the quote-unquote N-word. I have a black wife and two biracial kids, so I feel I have a right. I don’t give a God damn what that prick Spike Lee says. Tarantino was right. Nigger…”
MICHAEL RAPAPORT – Thomas Dunwitty

As I bled to death, as my very life oozed out of me, all I could think of was something the great Negro James Baldwin had written. “People pay for what they do, and still more for what they have allowed themselves to become, and they pay for it, very simply, by the lives they lead”.
DAMON WAYANS – Pierre Delacroix

“-Myrna Goldfarb: I happen to have a Master’s degree in African-American studies.
– Pierre Delacroix: So you fucked a nigger in college.”
DINA PEARLMAN – Myrna Goldfarb
DAMON WAYANS – Pierre Delacroix

“- Thomas Dunwitty: Sorry I’m late. I had trouble catching a cab.
– Pierre Delacroix: Perhaps they thought you were Danny Glover.”
MICHAEL RAPAPORT – Thomas Dunwitty
DAMON WAYANS – Pierre Delacroix