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Hemp Slogans

“Hemp is among the most powerful, vital substance of our nation”

Thomas Jefferson

The cultivation of hemp in the way nature intended is crucial to the urgent requirement to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and ensure the existence of our planet.

Jack Herer

Hemp is the future for all humanity, and there will never be a time to think about a lot.

Jack Herer

Hemp is essential to protect the wealth and security of the nation.

Thomas Jefferson

If the phrase ‘life liberty, liberty, and the quest for joy’ does not allow you to play with your thoughts, If that’s the case, then the Declaration of Independence isn’t worth the hemp it was written upon.

Terence McKenna

Since 1937, around 50% of forests across this world have been cleared to create paper. If hemp were not banned, a lot of it would be in place, providing oxygen to the planet.

Alan Bock


We will eventually need a hemp-based world in the future for our consumption.

John Adams

A growing number of people are discovering the advantages of the hemp plant and cannabis. The more they dig into the subject and learn about it and find it, the more they think, “Hey, wait a minute and examine this further.

Willie Nelson

The marijuana industry is illegal because the Pharma Cartel does not want you to cultivate your marijuana. It is believed that the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper. The first automobile ever built used hemp oil. Hemp seeds can also be among the most nutritious food source on earth, with the highest percentage of protein of all plants.

Joe Rogan

I don’t think weed can be any less harmful than drinking an alcoholic drink.

James Franco


“I hope that people overcome the stigma associated with hemp. They won’t make you feel high; however, they can make you feel great.”

Ziggy Marley 

“Hemp is the first ingredient that is vital to protect the wealth and security of our country.” Thomas Jefferson. Thomas


“Why make use of the forests that took centuries to the making, as well as the mines that took years to develop to get the equivalent of both forest and mineral products from each year’s growth of hemp farms?”

Henry Ford

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Hemp Quotes

“We will eventually need a world full of hemp for our consumption.”

John Adams


As a doctor, I highly recommend healthful hemp seeds and oils to anyone interested in maintaining healthy eating habits. Everyone will gain when American farmers can cultivate this excellent crop again.

Andrew Weil

Marijuana is among the safest and most therapeutically active substances known to humanity.

Frances M. Young

There’s no reason in a free society that farmers shouldn’t be allowed to grow hemp. Hemp is a beautiful product.

Ron Paul

The prohibition law… extends over the boundaries of logic in the sense that it tries to curb a man’s appetite through legislation and creates an offense out of things that aren’t crimes… The law of prohibition is a blow to the very foundations on the foundation of our nation’s government.

Abraham Lincoln

The finest hemp and the most renowned tobacco thrive on the same soil. The former is essential for the prosperity and security of the nation. The latter is not very useful.

Thomas Jefferson

Hemp is part of cannabis, and it’s very beneficial.

Ziggy Marley

“Hemp is Earth’s top biomass resource. It is in the position of being able to produce 10 tonnes of biomass per acres in just four months.”

Jack Herer

“Hemp is the future for all humanity, or else there won’t be anymore.”

Jack Herer


Did you know that hemp is an organic fiber

Tia Carrere

In any civilized society, each citizen must obey the laws of justice. Yet, at the same, the citizen must not obey unlawful laws.

Martin Luther King, Jr.


“Growing hemp according to the nature-designed method is essential in our desperate need to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and ensure the existence on our Earth.”

Jack Herer

“Two of my most favorite things are being on my front porch, smoking pipes of sweet hemp, as well as performing the Hohner harmonica.”

Abraham Lincoln

“Herb is the cure for the nation; alcohol is the cause of destruction.”

Bob Marley


I’d like to see people be able to get past the stigma surrounding hemp. The seeds won’t make you feel high, but they will make you feel great.

Ziggy Marley

Hemp is the most critical biomass source; it can yield 10 tons per acre within four months.

Jack Herer

Two of my most favorite things are being on my front patio, sipping the sweet hemp pipe as well as listening to the Hohner harmonica.

Abraham Lincoln


“There can be no justification in an open society why farmers shouldn’t have the right to grow hemp. Hemp is a valuable product.”

Ron Paul


Imagine hemp farmers creating everything from fuel to food without the use of petroleum!

Josh Tickell

Herb can heal the nation; alcohol is the cause of destruction.

Bob Marley

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