Baltimore’s 7 Most Iconic Foods


There’s a million things that might bring any of us to Baltimore. Maybe it’s finally time to see the Orioles game you’ve always dreamt about or you have another chance to see the Raven’s play. Speaking of ravens, maybe it’s even the history of Edgar Allen Poe that’s brought you to the city. You might even be looking at Houses for rent in Baltimore so you can finally have the life you always wanted here in the city. 

Regardless of what it is, there’s one thing that brings everyone, from locals to tourists, together and that’s the great food you can find here. If you aren’t sure what food makes Baltimore famous, here’s the 7 most iconic foods of the city. 

Steamed Crabs

Bring out the Old Bay seasoning and butter because it’s always Crab Fest in Baltimore. When steaming them, don’t think you can pass on that Old Bay, whether you are making it at home or going out to eat in the city. They are steamed in beer and having a cold one while you are eating steamed crabs is a must. 


Every city has their own famous pizza so what’s the one locals flock to here? Ledo’s Pizza is the absolute winner in this contest. Its square shape might not be what you are used to but have it once and you’ll be craving time and time again. 

Crab Cakes

Every local knew that crabs wouldn’t just be on the list once. If you don’t love them steamed (you probably do) just have them as crab cakes, which is everyone’s other favorite way to eat crab. As a suggestion, head on down to Faidley’s if you want the best the city has to offer. You can get them plenty of other places but why settle? 

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Bergers Cookies

When talking about iconic foods, the conversation doesn’t end at what’s for dinner. The must-try dessert that’s famous in the city is Bergers Cookies.  Berger’s Bakery has been open since the 1800s and that’s not a fluke. Their signature cookies have a cakey center and gooey fudgy shell that you’ll be dreaming about.


Like crab, oysters are going to be on the menu regardless of the type of restaurant you step on into. The Chesapeake Bay has plenty of them so you might as well make the most of them when they are as fresh as they are in Baltimore. Fried or raw, find out the way you like them and dig in. 


When the heat comes cranking through, there’s always a Sno-Ball to help you beat the scorching temperatures. There’s going to be dozens of local places that offer you the perfect summer treat but for those also looking for a history lesson, the place with the most history is Walther Gardens as it’s the oldest around.


On a list like this, you can’t leave out the most Baltimore way to have cod. In short, think of a crab cake but with cod instead of crab- simple as that. Even when they are fried to perfection, the coddies aren’t as popular as they once were. Nonetheless, they still deserve their place on any food tour. 

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