9-year Old Boy Dies After Astroworld Festival Crush


A 9-year-old Dallas is now the youngest to die of injuries sustained in an influx of people during Houston’s Astroworld concert in Houston.

Houston police and firefighters have announced that they are looking into surveillance footage provided by Live Nation, the concert promoter. Live Nation and numerous clips that people attended the event have post via social networks. Investigators are also planning to talk to Live Nation representatives, Scott, as well as concertgoers. Scott and the organizers of the concert are currently the subjects of an investigation into criminality.

Ezra Blount of Dallas Dies After Fighting Against Injuries In Hospital

Ezra Blount of Dallas died on Sunday in Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, the family lawyer Ben Crump said.

Ezra was put in a medically instigated condition following a severe injury sustained in November. 5 crowd of fans at a concert by the festival’s leading performer the Travis Scott. Travis Scott.

This is the 10th individual to have been at the festival and died.

“The Blount family tonight is grieving the incomprehensible loss of their precious young son,” Crump declared in a release issued Sunday night. “This should not have been the outcome of taking their son to a concert, what should have been a joyful celebration.”

Treston Blount, Ezra’s dad, wrote about what happened on the night of Nov. 5 in a blog post on the GoFundMe page he set to pay for Ezra’s medical bills. Blount wrote that Ezra was in his arms when the massive of people pushed them over. The father became unconscious, and when he woke up, Ezra was missing, Blount stated. The search was frantic until Ezra was finally found in the hospital, seriously injured.

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The child suffered severe injuries to his kidney, brain, and liver following being “kicked, trampled, stepped on, and, and nearly crushed to death,” according to a suit his family is filing against Scott and the organizer of the event, Live Nation. The Blount family seeks at least $1 million in damages.


The other victims varied in age from fourteen to. About 300 people received treatment on the festival grounds, and 13 were admitted to hospitals.


More than 100 victims of the Astroworld chaos are represented in lawsuits.—Reference From  ABCNews.com


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