What Brands Do You Value and Respect? Tell Your Stories With Instagram and Evrybit

Trader Joe'sThe world has tons of great companies. Some are big. Some are small. Some are medium. We want to spotlight them all.

That’s why Evrybit is starting a new initiative to tell the stories of companies. The initiative is called Brands We Value and Respect. We are running it on Instagram and Evrybit. Anyone can participate.

All you need to do is identify a brand you value and respect and include the hashtag #brandswevalueandrespect. That means a brand story could be as short as this on Instagram:

Trader Joe’s. #brandswevalueandrespect

If you want to include more information, feel free to add what the brand does, how the brand stands out from other brands, why you like the brand, any information you want.

Then your brand story could look something like this on Evrybit:

Trader Joe's brand value and respect

The brand could be your company or where you work. It could be an art store, lumber yard or golf course. There are no limitations to what your brand story is or can be. These are your brand stories.

Once you determine the brand you want to support, here’s how to share your brand story with Instagram and Evrybit.

Option No. 1 With Instagram

1. Post a photo of a company you value and respect on your Instagram page.
2. Tag the photo @evrybit and the company you choose.
3. Include the hashtag #brandswevalueandrespect in the caption.

Option No. 2 With Evrybit

1. Create an Evrybit story of a company you value and respect using the Evrybit app. (You can download the Evrybit app here, if you don’t already have it.)
2. Share the Evrybit story link on Twitter, Facebook or both. (Instructions for how to find an Evrybit story link can be found here and here. If you are unable to find your story link, contact support@getevrybit.com at any time.)
3. Tag the Facebook post with @evrybit and the company you choose. Include @evrybit and the Twitter handle of the company you choose in your tweet.
4. Include the hashtag #brandswevalueandrespect in your Facebook post, tweet and Evrybit story.

Simple as that.

Participate as often as you like.

The Evrybit app is available in the Apple App Store. Download now.

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