New Tech News Site ‘The Information’ Shares Moblish Vision of Providing Higher-Quality Content

The InformationAre you happy with the information journalism provides today? If you answered no, you are not alone.

High-quality stories are in demand but short supply. The Information, a new technology news website that launched Dec. 4, explains the problem:

  • The race for pageviews and ad dollars is causing publications to focus on quantity over quality.
  • Coverage is consolidating around attention-grabbing topics, like the latest hot startup or celebrity CEOs. Publications are wasting time writing and regurgitating the same stories again and again.
  • Media outlets are relying on sensational headlines or idle speculation, not original reporting, to make their versions stand out.

Moblish aims to be part of the solution and provide a platform where professional journalists and citizen journalists can collaborate to create better content for the world to consume faster.

Cheryl Traverse, a successful serial entrepreneur who has been CEO of five technology companies, is excited about the possibilities.

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