The Information Revolution Will Be Covered in Real Time

The DishChange the world for the better. That is the mission. Moblish ( is the product to make the vision reality.

Moblish is the real-time mobile publishing tool I am developing as a 2014 John S. Knight Fellow at Stanford University. The goal is to create a powerful, mobile-first, open-source publishing platform that streamlines live news reporting for professional journalists and citizen journalists (every citizen who isn’t a professional journalist). The system will allow anyone to produce and publish content in real time on a smartphone, tablet or Web, from anywhere, at any time, in one story or live blog. The endgame is to bring disruptive innovation to the marketplace — to revolutionize the mobile production and delivery of news in real time and lead to a more informed, truth-filled, transparent world.

Journalism can be a powerful vehicle to enact positive global change, but journalists need to have the tools to do the job.

Right now, they don’t. All existing live blog platforms fall short. Some are cost prohibitive. Some have poor functionality. Some are app inefficient.

Imagine if the complete story of Tiananmen Square had been told in real time. Would the Chinese Communist Party have survived and been allowed to perpetuate 24 more years of human right violations?

Imagine if current unrest in the Middle East were reported live, in more than 140 character bursts, without restrictions. Would peace be a reality?

Imagine if citizen journalists in Mexico were armed with real-time reporting tools that could show drug cartel violence to the world as it happens. Would senseless killings stop?

A free, real-time, open-source news reporting platform for journalists optimized for mobile devices does not exist. To produce and publish content in real time from the field on smartphones is a complicated process. It requires many steps, the use of more than one application, and can be expensive. As a result, important issues — from small-town corruption to drug lords to repression of political activists – aren’t getting recognized because no one is on site with the resources to attain high-level visibility.

Moblish will streamline the process of live reporting and make real-time coverage and remote publishing easier, faster and accessible to everyone. The software application will be designed for mobile first and open source. The backend system will have every tool a journalist needs to produce and publish any type of content (text, video, audio, photo, social media material, GIFs, data visualization, and more) in one story. Moblish will be a one-stop shop for journalists to publish content on mobile devices as stories develop, anywhere, anytime, for free.

Moblish will give anyone in the world with a mobile device power. Power to be a reporter for truth, justice and equality. Power to pursue the greater good, humanitarianism, service, education and stewardship. Power to inform. Power to disrupt.

We are all journalists now.

Imagine the possibilities.

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