Produce High-Quality Journalism, and Money Will Follow

Money ScrabbleGood information is a valuable commodity. Getting good information is becoming a difficult proposition because the cost of discovery has gotten very high and continues to rise.

What if we could lower the cost of discovery and increase journalism standards?

We can. Moblish’s freemium business model and marketplace is the way.

Moblish will offer three tiers of service: Basic, Pro and Enterprise.

Basic will be free and offer text, video, audio and publishing capabilities. Anyone with a mobile device who wants to produce high-quality news will be able to tell multimedia stories with original media, curate content, collaborate, build credibility, distribute assets to any platform and share everything via social networks.

Pro will provide journalists with specialized tools such as audio/video transcription, AP Style checker, social media verification, digital security, fact checking, analytics and more. The cost will be $10-$20 dollars per month. The value will be much more than that.

Enterprise will offer Moblish stories, licensing of Moblish media (photos, video and audio), syndication, self-service advertising, content management system integration, specialized journalism tools, cloud-spaced storage, customer support, training and more. The cost will start at $500 per month for community news organizations and scale upward depending on the size of the media organization.

Moblish also will offer a marketplace where content producers – professional and citizen journalists – can sell Moblish  breaking news  stories or individual media assets (photo, video, audio) to media organizations in real time. The content creator sets the price, and the content is sold to the highest bidder. Think eBay meets Craigslist for media.

The traditional business model for journalism no longer works in the Mobile Age. The size of newsrooms is shrinking with budgets, and advertising no longer can support the industry alone. Seattle Times assistant editor Ed Guzman understands these modern challenges and sees Moblish as a solution — a way for news organizations to fund good journalism and lead media businesses to new revenue streams.

Moblish is in the running for a NewU seed grant. Please vote for Moblish here.

Photo: Flickr/401(K)2012

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