Introducing Evrybit’s Aesop


The next version of our iPhone app is here.

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Aesop is coming. Aesop is credited with bringing the world Aesop’s Fables, classic tales from the 7th century BCE. It is in this classic tradition that we introduce our newest storytelling app.

Evrybit’s Aesop will take storytelling into the future for iPhones (and Androids soon after that) by offering a better experience than our flagship app. Our new iOS 2.0 app is a complete rebuild. Look for the following:

  • We built our app using Apple’s new Swift language to offer a faster, more enjoyable user experience.
  • We have a new design featuring a lighter, more user-friendly interface for content production and consumption.
  • We have added more interactive tools and social features to promote collaboration.
  • You now can browse and search other users’ stories in our app, in addition to producing your own.
  • We built our server-side API from scratch to allow for faster processing and many more features.

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