7 Generation Games Debuts Fish Lake at Five Schools in North Dakota

North Dakota

“You are now passing through the doors of opportunity.”

Those are the words at the entrance of Ojibwa Indian School in Belcourt, North Dakota. And opportunity is what 7 Generation Games CEO AnnMaria De Mars and project manager Jessica Bueler brought to North Dakota this week.

They installed the new Fish Lake math video game and the new version of Spirit Lake at five schools on two North Dakota reservations as part of a pilot program. The games make math practical and useful and are aimed at students in fourth to sixth grades.

7 Generation Games used Evrybit to document the journey.

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Over the next two weeks, 7 Generation Games pilot programs will start in two more schools in Minnesota and California.

Their goal is to teach kids who would never want to learn math to learn math. It’s a lofty goal, and an important one.

To learn more about 7 Generation Games, visit their website. To make a more tangible contribution, purchase a game or sponsor a school, classroom or student.

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